YINGFA is a famous brand of swimwear and swimming equipments that is known world wide, Our swimwear has accompanies numerous swimming athletes from learning, training, racing until prize-awarding over 30 years since 1989.

Now YINGFA is used by the Chinese national swimming team and has gained popularity  over the last few years in the UK, Europe, USA, New Zealand, Australia and countries in the East and Southeast Asia.

Mr. Chen Jinhui, the manager of YINGFA industry located in South of China , was a nationally ranked athlete creating the record for the backstroke in the 1970s. As a former national team athlete, he can understand different requirements of swimming exercises. Based on the designers’ insight into the swimming sport and continued investment in technology, YINGFA can provide practical and sensible swimming articles to help each swimmer perform their best in races.

Yingfa is the top swimwear brand in China and is now available online from YINGFA’s exclusive New Zealand distributor. Combining high quality with compact and ergonomic design as well as affordability ,YINGFA keeps outstanding attractive feature ,and their range of accessories – goggles, bags, caps, tracksuits etc is comparable to its more expensive competitors’ and equal to the task when it come to outright performance.

The company provides the latest fabrics and technology in a range of styles and colours to suit everyone. Continual years of internet surveys show that our brand ranks the 4th in “Top Ten Swimwear Brands”, behind three other international brands. Hence, it can prove that the product quality and customers’ satisfaction is not obtained by self-praise, YINGFA’s success does come from 30 years of user experience all over the world!

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