YINGFA Y330 AFM anti-fog UV protection swimming mirror googles

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This is a high-performance goggle designed and optioned for the motivated swimmer.

Y330-01AFM SILVER Y330-02AFM GOLD Please let us know which colour you prefer, otherwise, we will ship randomly.

-Double Silicon Straps

  • Refined Polycarbonate Lenses
  • Adjustable nose bridges.

-UV Protection

  • Silicon Fit-out & Seal
  • Anti Fog
  • One size fits all

These are one of my most popular accessories, it is very comfortable to use competitively or just for normal use. It does not have any annoying clips on the sides of the goggles so that it is easier to use and more fashionable.

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04-Blue, 1 black trunk with grey stripes, 1-Gold, 2-Silver, 2 black trunks with blue stripes, Gold, Silver, CK09-Pink smiling shark, CK11-Orange bear, CK12-Blue naughty cat, 03, 05, 07, 02-dark blue (navy blue), 03 diamond blue, 04 light blue, 05 skyblue, 06 silver, 08 purple, 01-Black, 01-Blue, 02-White, 02-Gray, 02-Green, 03-Blue, 03-Yellow, 03-Orange, 04-Red, 04-Pink, Orange, Blue & White, Blue and yellow frame, Purple and pink frame, 1-Black frame, 2-Blue Frame, 01- Pink, 02-Yellow, 1-Grey, 2-Blue, F2147-04 black with gray and light blue strips, F2147-05 black with orange and light blue strips, F2147-06 blue with purple and white strips, F2147-07 blue with pink and purple strips, F2147-08 black with orange and army green strips, 1-Purple and white strips, 2-Blue and white strips, 01-Blue togs with dark blue strips, 02-Blue togs with yellow strips on sides, 1- Green and Purple strips, 2-Blue and Pink strips, 3-Yellow and Red strips, 4-Blue and Orange strips, 1-Blue, 2-Red, 1-Blue Skirt, 2-Pink Skirt, 1-Yellow sparks, 2-Blue sparks, 4-Red sparks, 1-Black jammer with blue splice, 2-Black jammer with gray splice, 3-Black jammer with dark green splice, 4-Grey jammer with orange splice, 5-Blue jammer with black splice, 1-Black with white stitching, 2-Black with orange stitching, 3-Blue with white stitching, 1-Black with red strips, 2-Blue with grey strips, 3-Black with grey strips, 2-Blue Strips, 3-Red Strips, 4-Purple Stips, 1-red pattern, 2-green pattern, 1-Blue pattern, 2-Red pattern, 1-Black, 2-Blue, 4-Dark Purple, 1-Blue with Yellow strips, 2-Black with Red strips, 3-Black with Green Strips


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